!! Serving Vegetarian dishes, you're looking for!!

"Ryokan izuna in Atami " has been moved to       Izu-Kogen.


"Ryokan izuna in Atami "

has moved to Izu-Kogen located on beautiful Izu Peninsula,

merged with "Petite Hotel Kaizan" &

got its new name called

IZUNA INN & SPA-the veggie delight ".


Stay with us to explore the Izu Peninsula, popular for its hot springs, breathtaking coastlines &   scenic mountainous interior.

We've seen newly developed technologies every year. They make our life so easy. However, we often rely on them too much. We sometimes forget to appreciate where we're living. The trees, blue sky, ocean, mountain.... our planet. 

We're in the resort area called "Izu-Kogen", located on the east coast of the Izu Peninsula. 

Find & experience something you can't have in ordinary life and rejuvenate yourself. The rugged landscapes, stunning cliffs & volcanoes surely entertain you for all day long. Nothing rushes you. Away from the crowds and noise. Be yourself.

We, in fact, would want you to stay with us more than one night if you can to fully relax with our open-air hot spring & savory Japanese foods for breakfast and dinner. We even offer delicious vegetarian dishes to suite your dietary restrictions. *No gluten-free dishes. Sorry! 

Stay at "izuna Inn & Spa" to escape from busy life and regain yourself!!!


Enjoy our authentic Japanese pieces and furnishings displayed in our public area.



Vegetarian croquetts

Vegetarian Dishes

We offer savory vegetarian dishes for breakfast & dinner, called "Vegetarian Feast Plan."

Hot Spring

Relax & rejuvenate with our 100% private in-door and open-air hot spring.